LG Washer Mod#WM2277HW Soap or Water Still Left In Dispenser

This issue is fairly common in LG especially here in San Antonio.  This particular machine (LG Washer Mod# WM2277HW) is about 10 years old. The problem is the soap dispenser will leave the cups either full of water or soap after the wash cycle is done.

This issue can be caused by more than one failure but for this post I am focusing on the most common…the dispenser itself.

Notice the tiny holes inside this old dispenser.

These dispensers have tiny holes that feed water into the soap cups.  If the holes get clogged with sediment the water doesn’t go where it is supposed to and causes water or soap to be left in the dispenser.

Some dispensers may have cracks too and we can’t always see them.

The repair for this is to replace the dispenser.  The dispenser in this job was part number 4925ER1015B and many LG units use this same dispenser.  As always order by model number if you are going to try to fix this yourself.

One word of advice…if you are experiencing this issue don’t delay in getting it fixed.  The pressure from having restricted holes in the dispenser can pop your hoses and cause flooding!

If you need help call or text me at 210-262-5026.

Thanks and have a great day!


Ket Lilly

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