SuperTech Business Philosphy

I Will Treat You How I Would Like To Be Treated

It’s already a hassle that your appliance isn’t working properly.  What could be worse is a bad run in with the service man.  I have a list of what to expect when you do business with Super-Tech:

  • Reasonable time frames.  My time slots are never more than three hours long.
  • Courtesy call before heading to your home.
  • I will clean up after myself.
  • I will conduct myself in a professional way.
  • I will keep communication open so you know what is going on with your repairs.
  • I will not give you a bid and increase it due to my own failure to diagnose a problem.
  • If I don’t know I will get the answer from the factory.
  • My labor and service fee is valid for 30 days after the repair.
  • Part warranties vary by manufacturer and will be explained if necessary.
  • If parts are ordered…once I have them your call gets priority over new calls.
  • If I am running late I will let you know as soon as  possible so you can get some things done if you need to.

I am sure I struck at least one bad experience you have had with this list…I have been around for a while and I see techs breaking these rules all the time.  I will do my best to uphold these standards.

Should you feel I failed to meet these expectations please email me at or call me at 210-262-5026 and I will do my best to make it right.