LG Washer M# WM3270CW Flashing “OE” Code And Draining Poorly

About LG Washer M# WM3270CW

We arrive to this LG washer M# WM3270CW with the complaint that it is barely draining water. It will also stop during the cycle and display the code “OE”. This code simply is an indication that the control board did not register the tub being empty of all the water in a predetermined time. A spining tub full of water is not a good thing. The door will fly open and flood your house!

We Diagnose The Problem For This LG WASHER M# WM3270CW

Most of the time if your washer isn’t draining all you need to do is clean the pump filter. There is a small door down on the left side corner of your washer. If you open that little door there is a cap that looks like a huge dial. If you turn it counter-clockwise it will come out and you should know there is water behind it! Instead it would be smarter to try and bleed the water off with the small tube that sits next to the cap. Keep a wet vac nearby because a tub can hold several gallons of water. Be careful if you intend to try this.

About LG gasket clamp pliers part# 383EER4001A
This spring removal tool saves alot of time.

In this situation however, the pump filter is clean. So the suspect is the drain pump.

We Install the Drain Pump

We remove the top panel of the machine, the control panel, and the soap dispenser drawer. In addition we remove the spring around the door gasket and the entire front panel.

Additionally, there is a special LG tool we use to remove the spring. You can see it to the right here. We can manage to remove the spring without it. This tool just saves time.

LG Washer M# WM3270CW
The drain pump is seen here to the left.

Next, the drain pump is down on the left hand side of the unit at the base. We gently detach and manuever the pump assembly to get access to the screws and remove the drain pump being careful not to break water tight fittings. This LG washer M# WM3270CW has its pump secured with three bolts. On the other hand, some units have a plastic clip under the pump holding the pump in place.

Finally, the installation is complete. We assemble the machine in reverse order and test for proper operation and no leaks.

This repair in my opinion is not difficult so long as you can be patient particularly with the control panel and not break it when taking it apart.

Where To Get Parts

In general, I won’t buy parts unless I can verify I am dealing with an authorized part dealer. Knock off parts may be cheaper but you get what you pay for. My suggestion would be

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