Service & Labor Fees

Service Fee – $80

This fee will get you your answers.  It pays for the diagnostic portion of the job and includes a bid and estimated time of completion.  Should you decide not to have the unit repaired it will be the service fee + tax.  The service fee is waived if you decide to repair.  Remember you must be in the service area for this pricing.

Outside of the service area the service fee is $100 and some locations will have mileage fees like Boerne or Elmendorf.  We will discuss mileage fees while setting up service calls.

If you have multiple machines you need serviced we will look at additional machines for a $20 service fee on each additional machine.

Minimum Labor Fee – $100

If the repair is simple and no parts are necessary and it is completed as a result of diagnosing the problem…there is a minimum labor fee of $100.  Meaning it is the smallest amount we will charge for labor.  So for example a job that takes between 10 to 60 minutes to repair with no parts needed is $100.

Labor Fee – $20 every 15 minutes after the first hour

We prorate all the time after the first hour.  So in the example above if the job runs 1.5 hours you will be charged $100 (first hour) + $50 ( 30 minutes at prorated amount) = $150 for labor.

One Last Word About Pricing

I know there are those who are looking for bargains and I get that.  You may find people (like signs on the side of the road) who will do this for less but consider the source.  You do get what you pay for in this business.

We are not tooting our horn here but we have a high percentage of completions with no call backs.  We are not underselling our services we are keeping the calls local to make the repairs affordable.  If your machine has electronics on it you will appreciate this I guarantee it!  Control boards can go easily for $300 just by themselves.

We will always be upfront with you about pricing and we never add to a bid once its agreed upon so long as the repair problem stays the same.  Our parts are factory parts; all new never used with their own warranties from the dealer.  This is what you are paying for…professional service.