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At some point it must come.  One or more of your appliances is going to do something to disrupt the convenience in your life.  When it happens come to this page and leave me a comment.  I will do my best to answer your questions but do understand that without physically diagnosing your appliance my response must be taken as speculation.

Please include in your question or comment the manufacturer, model number, and serial number of the appliance and every bit of information you know on its failure and any work done recently to it.

If we talk about these issues we may have a nice library of information here in our comments that may help others so think of it as not only helping yourself but your community as well.

Leave your questions or comments below and I will get to it as soon as I can.

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  1. Mhm I have a kenmore top load washer that is about 7 yrs old. The whole inner drum looks like it has come apart from the washer itself. I’m curious if this is fixable and a ball park of what we’re looking at or if it would be better to just replace it.

    • Somehow I missed this post and I apologize I am sure by now you have done something to fix this. But if you haven’t I believe you may have either a broken damper rod or the hub the tube sits on is broken.

      If the unit is basic and cost around $300 then it’s probably not worth fixing. If it’s a higher end unit then you may prepare to pay between $165 – $400 to get it repaired. Its hard for me to be sure without a model number.

      Again sorry so late I literally just saw this in my mailbox and I am on my site often I can’t explain why I missed you.

  2. I have an LG Tromm 4.0 Ultra Capacity Steam Washer. It keeps giving me an FE error code, when this happens the water continues to run and drain at the same time and doesn’t stop. I googled the FE error code and it says that this is an overflow error code, could mean the water valves are bad. I tried cleaning the valves and I’m still experiencing the same issue. How much would it cost me for you to come out and tell me exactly whats wrong and fix the issue? My phone number is ***-***-****. Thank you

    • I’ll contact you today…but just for posting purposes in case anyone has the same problem…this code usually means that there is a water level issue and that can be a runaway water valve which fills while the unit is not on (you can see the water level in the window on the door use a flashlight the water can be very high!!!).

      A repair of this type from me will go anywhere from $165 to $250. These parts change cost frequently because they sell a lot of them. I’ll call you on this today and see if I can help.

  3. Hotpoint HDA 330y-77WW dishwasher won’t drain and leaks. Needs sump housing (Manufacturer Part Number WD12X418).

  4. We have an LG hanging microwave in our kitchen, and everything turns on, the plate inside rotates, but nothing is being heated up. Maybe the magnetron or some kind of diode?

    • If you can hear the fan going as well as the lights turning on and table in motion then there is a strong possibility it is your magnetron and/or diode.

      Occasionally the diode goes out and needs replacement but this is very rare.

      It is more likely to be the magnetron or a bad relay on the control board.

  5. Ket was great called him about our problem with with our lg electric range, he arrived promptly ..simply put,Had our stove fixed up,convenient, extremely fair on his prices..would recommend him and if ever in need of his services wouldn’t think twice about it.and were cooking again..Made me and my family very happy considering we didn’t have an extended warranty on our stove..thanks Ket

  6. Do you service KitchenAid countertop mixers? Mine is about 7-8 years old and the low speed setting isn’t working. (I’m sure I screwed it up when adding grease to it)

  7. Frigidaire washer FFFW5000QW0 will not run a wash cycle. It it will fill water and after about a minute turns off. The Spin/Rinse works runs if set manually.

    • If you can see water going into the machine and you know it is filling then I would just take a guess that it is probably a control board issue.

      But if there is no water going into the machine then you may have an issue with the water valve and the control board may be just timing out because it doesn’t sense water filling in the tub.

      • It’s not filling with water. How much would it cost to repair for a valve or even the control board?

        • If you have to replace the control board you are looking at $265. If you need the water valve you are looking at $220. That is parts and labor. But before I would go to that I would check the screens on the water hoses to make sure they are not clogged.

  8. My Maytag Atlantis dryer has always been hard to turn on. The nob/dial is supposed to turn on when you pull it out but it has always had to be pulled to the side to get it to turn on. Sometime I’ve really had to wrestle it. Last week it finally gave in and broke off. Can this be fixed?

    • I don’t know why I never received notice of this message or maybe I missed it somehow but my apologies Cathleen. If you still have that dryer I would say yes it can be fixed it is probably the timer itself.

      • My High Efficiency Washing machine is getting no power to it. What can we do?

        • I’m so sorry to get back to you so late. For some reason the notification for your post never made it to my inbox. In any event if this issue hasn’t been corrected by now the first thing I would have done was verify the power to the outlet. If you are sure the power is good then more than likely you may have a control board or user interface failure.

  9. I have a Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator – Model 106.64239402, Serial ES4419644. MFG. DATE 10/2005. Although the freezer continues to keep food frozen, water is running into the refrigerator at least daily and then freezes there. Any chance this could possibly be repaired?

    • More than likely this is repairable. Probably a blocked defrost drain is causing the water to come down into your fresh food compartment. So long as there are no parts involved you are only looking at about an hour worth of labor to repair this issue.

  10. I have a Whirlpool Washer that is almost 7 years old and out of warranty. It is working but it does make a grinding sound at times when it changes cycles from sensing to wash or wash to rinse. I had one technician here taking a look at and spent several hours and was unable to give me an solid opinion of what the problem is. He said he has been in the business 31 years and obviously not familiar with Whirlpools. Model# is WTW5000DWI .

    • This model is belt driven so unless you have a worn out belt the likelihood is that the gear case is in some way responsible either from a worn out bearing or worn gear case parts. If it still works I say roll it til the wheels fall off but do not invest money in repairing it. Whirlpool doesn’t make these machines to last like the old days so if you get 7 to 10 years on a $500 machine consider that good.

  11. I have a Kenmore refrigerator that started to smell like a short was occurring. Prior I noticed my dinning room light was dimming on and off very fast. I also noticed a one time defrost that nearly melted the freezer contents. Worked for several more weeks before the smell. I ran it again and I heard a light grinding noise. Compressor? Kenmore 10674254400 Thanks for any ingo.

  12. Hello.. I have an LG Dryer Model DLE1310W. It stopped heating all of a sudden, so we orderd a new heating element and installed it — also while it was open, cleaned the inside and cleaned out the vent tubing (hardly any buildup in vent). After installing the new heating element, I tested it and it seemed to be heating. The next day, I did a load of laundry, tossed in the dryer and now it will not heat again. I assume it blew a fuse somewhere. How/where can that be tested? Thanks

    • Run the dryer on a timed dry cycle (on your machine it may be designated as a “manual cycle”) at high heat and let me know if after one minute you sense any heat at all. Make sure you’re not in the “sensor dry” section of the dial.

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