Kenmore Dryer Mod# 110.69822801 Won’t Start

Dryers all run on the same basic concepts it doesn’t matter what brand.  This particular dryer is actually a Whirpool machine and the failure is pretty common.

About Kenmore Mod#110.69822801

The switch is mounted by two screws and the strike is a black plastic lever.

Why Your Kenmore Mod# 110.69822801 Won’t Start

You may notice one day that the light won’t come on anymore when you open the dryer door.  True it could be the bulb but is very rare that bulbs go out on dryers.  Eventually you go to push the start button and nothing happens.

What has probably happened here is the door switch has failed.  The Kenmore dryer  Mod# 110.69822801 like many others made by Whirlpool under different names (Roper, Estate, Amana) has a plastic door switch mounted to the door frame as seen in the picture to the right.

If you push this switch and it is loose and doesn’t click it is broken and must be replaced.  This machine required part no. WP3406107.

The switch itself is not very expensive but getting into the unit is a little tricky if you haven’t done it before.  The top must be removed to get to this switch.

About door switch part no. WP3406107

Door switch part no. WP3406107must be removed to get to this switch.

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