Samsung Washer Mod# WA400PJHDWR Won’t Spin, Clothes Still Wet

About Samsung Washer Mod#WA400PJHDWR

An old damper rod.

I have seen this issue quite a bit lately.  This Samsung washer (Model# WA400PJHDWR) is about 2-3 years old and the customer states the machine will run through agitation but once the unit gets to spin the machine never reaches high speed spin or doesn’t ever spin at all.

You may even see a DC or EU code in the machine digital display.  This is an off balance load situation.  But it’s not the laundry you put in the washer it is usually the suspension that’s causing the problem.

Your tub hangs in position by 4 supports we call damper rods.  These rods will over time weaken and cause the tub to swing around too much.  The washer will attempt to correct the issue by adding more water and shuffling the laundry around and occasionally it will make it through the wash but most of the time it will just continue this readjustment cycle over and over.

To fix the problem you will need 4 new rods and be sure to get your part numbers from an authorized dealer of Samsung parts because Samsung changed the original parts with new stronger damper rods.  In this case the part number was DC97-05280W but there are other versions so always check the part look up with model and serial through a reputable parts supplier.

About Samsung Wasjer Mod# WA400PJHDWR

The new rods have pink tops and they are bigger.

I charge between $200-$250 for this repair depending on the current cost of parts.  So if you own this unit or any

other Samsung top loader with this issue and you need help give me a call at 210-262-5026.

Have a great day!

Ket Lilly

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